April 22, 2014

Speakout: April 22, 2014


So educators march outside Betty Little’s office protesting public school spending. They just have to look in the mirror to recognize the problem. This is a union that supported change. I guess they didn’t want that change to apply to them. It’s time for a major overhaul of public education.


How is the Plattsburgh City School District going to save any money getting rid of the medical buyout when all of those employees then sign up for the health insurance?


DOT reduces a bridge to one lane due to safety and does it months before bids are even opened to fix it, puts up long lights, then still allows fully loaded log trucks, tractor trailers, etc. In reality, just a dangerous situation.


We’re hoping that no one will fall into the river in Champlain playing their Frisbee-golf course. Mixing Frisbees with a river sounds like a potentially dangerous idea.


Was it necessary to dump the winters accumulation of sand on our lawns? What was the point of pushing the banks in the driveway entrances onto our lawns?


What in the world does downtown Plattsburgh have to offer except restaurants and bars? Why would you want to block off the streets? Why would anyone want to stroll around downtown Plattsburgh with all the drunk college students? You can’t buy anything you need there.


The Earth is not your ashtray. Please stop being disgusting and dispose of your cancer sticks properly. 


Does anyone realize that the students who will op-out of state testing are the high-achieving students? Without their scores, the schools will be classified “low achieving,” and more state mandates will be given to the schools to bring them up to standard.


We have adopt a spot, adopt a road, adopt a pet ... why not adopt a pothole? You take care of it and fill it when needed. We have some new councilors who can put together a plan for their wards; instead of closing roads, they can fix them.

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