June 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 21, 2013


---- — Wasteful spending

TO THE EDITOR: In recent weeks, Congressman Bill Owens has pledged his support for the Farm Bill that will soon be debated and voted on in the House of Representatives.

The congressman has applauded this bill and claims it will help to provide support and certainty to the local farmers in New York’s 21st Congressional District.

However, the congressman has failed to mention a few costly details in the bill. I would like to share them with you.

The bill is expected to cost nearly $1 trillion, and roughly 80 percent of that cost will go toward America’s Food Stamp program, which has nothing to do with farmer subsidies or the agricultural industry at large.

The bill will provide subsidies to shepherds in an effort to help market their sheep and goats.

The inhabitants of the Northern Mariana Islands will receive additional funding and an expansion in their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Pilot program.

The bill will authorize $1 million each year for weather radio transmitters, something the U.S. Department of Commerce already does.

The bill states that in 2015, $375 million will be budgeted toward a program teaching food-stamp recipients that candy, soda and chips are not part of a healthy diet.

The bill will enable food-stamp recipients to now purchase their groceries from their iPhone.

And last, but not least, the bill will include a tax on Christmas trees to help pay for a Christmas-tree promotion program.

The congressman has mastered the art of misleading. Mr. Owens would have you believe he is fighting for local farmers, but instead he is fighting for goats and more wasteful spending.


Rouses Point


Newtown angel

TO THE EDITOR: Back in December, the Christmas Box Angel in Chazy held a prayer vigil for the families of Sandyhook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

Then we sold bracelets for $4 or 3 for $10. It is hoped that Newtown will have their angel ready for dedication by Richard Paul Evans by December of this year.

To date, we have raised more than $1,000 for our sister angel.

If you would like to purchase a bracelet, please contact me at 846-8304 or Diane Trombly at 846-7818. Thank you.