June 19, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2013


an independent, the city would be much better off, as Mr. Carpenter appears to be a very fiscally responsible person and councilor.

Having known his family and being able to work for his father, Herbert O. Carpenter, we can only wonder how much better off the North Country would of been if Herbert O. Carpenter had chosen the political road. He truly was and is a great communicator of his time, and Washington, D.C., could use that.

I hope that Tim Carpenter does decide to run for the mayor of Plattsburgh. With Donald Kasprzak retiring, we lose another fine, exceptional, fiscally responsible person, who has brought the City of Plattsburgh back to a respectable financial standing.

Thank you for allowing me to express this opinion on this matter.


Plattsburgh Police Department/retired


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