June 17, 2013

Cheers and Jeers: June 17, 2013

CHEERS to the privately owned movie theaters in our area for all doing something to contribute to the good of local communities. All of the theaters have special events or programs that could be considered community service. We offer a few examples from each theater. Cumberland 12 in Plattsburgh has hosted a number of Reality Check events, giving the anti-big-tobacco group a site for fundraising and spreading awareness. The movie theater on Route 9 north also hosts an annual anti-bullying red-carpet event for schoolchildren and frequently contributes movie passes to benefit auctions. Regal Entertainment Group, which operates the movie complex at Champlain Centre mall in Plattsburgh, offers practically free admission to two family movies every Tuesday and Wednesday during the summer. The program for this year starts on June 25, with the $1 admission per person going to the Will Rogers Institute. The Hollywood Theatre in AuSable Forks hosts special family movie events around the holidays. The Palace Theatre in Lake Placid and the State Theater in Tupper Lake participate in Film Festival showings and are helping lead the charge to get equipment upgrades that will help local movie houses maintain their independence.

CHEERS to a woman who, with respect and clearly a deep love for animals, picked up a dead cat on Lake Street in Rouses Point recently to give it a decent burial. The tortoiseshell kitty, which appeared to have been a stray, had been struck by a car and, we are told, had been in the road against the curb for more than a day. This woman stopped her pickup truck, got an old purple sweater and plastic bag from the truck bed and carefully swathed the cat in the garment, put it in the bag and took it away. She said she had seen the cat was just left there and kind of shook her head over that, while also noting a dead animal in hot weather doesn’t make for a very pleasant odor. Certainly, the many walkers in the village would be glad to avoid strolling through that offensive atmosphere. Normally, public-works departments in municipalities will remove animals struck by vehicles. But it is good to know some citizens will make the effort. Perhaps this cat had been lost and had a family who missed it greatly. While the kitty met a sad end, its people would certainly appreciate knowing a stranger cared enough to get it off the street and properly buried.

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