June 13, 2013

Speakout: June 13, 2013


When a church uses its pulpit to shill for one political party or another, it is no longer a church; it is a political entity and doesn’t deserve a religious exemption.


Stop texting and driving before you kill someone.


Today, I walked my dog at Point au Rouche. Again I met people with a dog not on a leash. Their dog can get in my dog’s face. I choke my dog to get him away from theirs. The leash should be on the dog, not in your hand.


A recent Speakout from a syntax aficionado was most amusing and true. “No one” hardly enunciates no more, so his lesson on vowels and consonants was most clarifying. I am sincerely grateful, a retired English teacher who was very happy to read “Clear’s” little piece of encouraging enlightenment.


I went to a doctor’s office with someone, and the doctor threw it up in his face because he was on Medicaid. You may be a doctor, but you never know; you may be on Medicaid someday yourself.


My daughter is top 1 percent of her class of 100-plus students thanks to AIS. She is in advanced placement classes and has always been. AIS is not punishment or meant for the allegedly slow kids.

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