March 11, 2013

Speakout: March 11, 2013


I would like to thank the firefighters who volunteer their time to work security at the Plattsburgh State hockey games, making it enjoyable for everyone.


I have to question the motivation of the editor when it comes to the student protests in Quebec. Is it really a birdbrained idea to see education as a right not a privilege? We think not.


Sweep up broken glass that is on your sidewalks. It is a huge danger to people who walk their dogs and kids who still love to run around barefoot.


To the PCSD Board of Education: Cut from the top, where the really expensive salaries and bonuses are. The teachers’ raise is because they froze their salaries in the past. The administrators did not freeze.


The state of some taxis is appalling — drivers who smoke cigars in non-smoking cabs, inconsistent fares and forcing four passengers in a single cab with different destinations, and each passenger pays full price.


With gas and money the way it is, why does Section 7 have to put the basketball playoff games at a site that is 30 minutes away from area schools? Why not have the games at Memorial Hall or Clinton Community gyms?


Drugs, not guns, should be our first prioriety in curbing violence in North America. The relationship between drugs and guns is obvious but the government would rather pursue gun control.


Recently went out to dinner and there was a tip guide; came in very handy. I wonder why all restaurants don’t do this instead of guessing how much to leave?

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