April 14, 2013

Speakout: April 14, 2013


To the person complaining about someone buying them coffee, you should appreciate their act of kindness, regardless of what you make a year. If you make so much money, maybe you should buy the person behind you breakfast one day.


You really think sex offenders shouldn’t be treated differently and that parents are responsible? Sex offenders should have to wear a sign around their necks at all times that states “I am a sex offender.”


That person who paid for your coffee probably didn’t make $140,000 last year, therefore it was nice of them to do that, which was the point. It’s ungrateful, snobby people like you who make our fellow human beings unwilling to help each other.


No one cares how much money you made last year. Having a heart and appreciation is far more important. You should get it and pay it forward. That person who got your coffee had one.


Maybe if you didn’t watch to see how many breaks your boss was taking you’d be a better worker and get promoted yourself.


To the person that was complaining about having their coffee paid for: I hope you donated some of your $140,000 salary to a “legitimate and needy charity.” Or maybe you should buy lessons in gratitude and manners.


Why do older women stuff their bodies into tight clothes made for young girls? It looks ridiculous. Dress your age. Act your age. Be an adult.

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