August 21, 2012

Speakout: Aug. 21, 2012


The vehicle behind me seemed to be in a hurry. When he finally passed, he could only pass me and he had to slow down again. I was wondering if you got to your destination on time? Too funny!


I believe in the City of Plattsburgh you are required to have a fence around the pool. Visit the Building Inspector’s Office at City Hall, and let them know. As for burning wood and trash, that is disgusting.


Why are people so ego driven and naive when somebody tells them that they cannot burn chemical-type products in their backyard in the City of Plattsburgh? It is illegal. I have reported people in my neighborhood. And I will do it again if need be.


In regards to the neighbor burning trash and wood, they are lying if they say it’s just wood because wood smells good, and they are also rude and ignorant by not respecting you or the law. Call the police.


To the young lady and two young men who paid for my pizza at Zachary’s a couple of weeks ago, please know that you made an elderly lady very happy. Thank you all so much for your thoughtfulness. It was really appreciated.


Please help save L.A.’s teen club. They are in danger of closing as they are self-funded. They offer our local youth a deejay, dance floor, video games, pool, darts and air hockey, all in a supervised, clean environment. They are like no other teen club seen in our area.


Why do people worry about children coming in contact with men dressed as women? Like it’s contagious or something. Children will grow up eventually and make up their own minds about life. Do not raise them to be bigots. Teach kindness, respect and keep an open mind. 

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