September 20, 2012

Speakout: September 20, 2012


---- — Algae

Take a wading pool, and fill it up. Add three gallons of Clorox and three bottles of Act mouthwash with flouride. Let it sit in the sun for a week. Blue-green algae. This is what happens when politicians want to create a new fee for something that falls free. Water.


What a beautiful world it would be if humans had hearts like dogs have.


What is wrong with the parents in Plattsburgh area? Safe haven and fun for teens is important, yet lack of business may cause closure of LAs teen lounge. Wake up people and care for your teens. It keeps them out of trouble.


The New York State Lottery and Powerball were suppose to be about funding education. As of this writing, the Powerball is $305 million. If it is truly about education, if no one wins it, start over at $1 million, and put the remaining $349 million toward education. Taxpayers will thank you.


Great Job to the trooper who directed traffic at 190 and Tom Miller Road. People, if a trooper is standing in the middle of the road directing you, don’t ask him if the road is blocked. I’m sure he has better things to do than stand there.


The roundabout on Route 9 is a cluster at times. Drivers entering it, yield to the traffic on the left. Once inside, please signal your exit into the appropriate spoke. This makes it easier for drivers knowing when to enter. We can’t read your mind. This goes for the police also.


I find Rachel Maddow’s News program on MSNBC to be wonderful. She is very informative about politics and current events and gets her points across without yelling or being a bully. She’s a real lady.


It seems someone on Facebook is calling a young man a moma’s boy. You, my friend, are shallow. And just know there is a thing called harassment on FB.


On this Adirondack Park Rail/trail issue, why can’t both survive? Train service, with food car, making stops through the wilderness. Snowmobiles, biking, fishing, hiking could all be used together. More advertising would bring folks to use the local rail service. But combine it with stops throughout the trail.