September 20, 2012

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 20, 2012


---- — Rally for the Lake

TO THE EDITOR: The Chateaugay Lake Foundation wishes to thank the volunteers and business sponsors who helped make the first Rally for the Lake on Chateaugay Lake a success.

The 5-K Rally and 1-mile walk held on Aug. 18 raised funds to help control Eurasian water milfoil, an aquatic plant that is threatening the lake.

Vital to our success were our major event sponsors: Alix’s True Value Hardware, Bailey Motor Company, Frank’s Auto Sales and Service, the Friends of Pauline Chase, Titus Mountain Family Ski Center, Yando’s Big M Supermarket and our venue sponsor, Camp Jeanne d’Arc.

A special thank you, also, to the businesses that donated raffle prizes, including rounds of golf at Adirondack Golf Club, Bluff Point Golf Club, Malone Golf Club and Saranac Inn; gift certificates for Anthony’s Restaurant, Butcher Block and Hollywood Inn; and gift cards or prizes from local businesses, including Dawn’s Furniture Gallery, Victor Fellion, Fasprint, Hannaford, Lotus Foods, Lowe’s, Martin’s Bait and Tackle, Price Chopper, Stewart’s and Yando’s Big M.

A post-race cookout was enjoyed under sunny skies, and we thank the special contributors who provided food and products: Camp Jeanne d’Arc, Ellenburg Hardware, Lashway Meat Market, Pepsico, Price Chopper and Stewart’s Shops.

We could not have done it without our team of dedicated volunteers: Bruce and Susan Bancroft, Art Dumas, David Evans, Mary Johnson, Fran McIntyre, Bob Snow, Nancy and Gary Tatro, and Jon and Barbara Veeder.

There were 110 participants, and the 5-K run was won in a very competitive time of 22:58. Thanks to all who turned out for this inaugural rally.


Rally chairman


Health savings

TO THE EDITOR: With all the attack ads on “Obamacare,” I want to share how the Affordable Care Act has actually reduced my health-care-insurance cost.

I have a Major Medical Catastrophic Insurance. In the case of a catastrophic illness, this insurance kicks in to pay what is left on my bill after Medicare and my Medigap insurances have paid their portion.

Recently, I received a check from my Major Medical Catastrophic Insurance, with a cover letter stating the check was a partial refund of my 2011 premium.

My curiosity was aroused! Was this check a result of ACA? Turns out, indeed it was. A Medical Loss Ratio was included in the ACA to ensure a fair portion of premiums be properly spent on claims. Insurance companies can spend no more than 15 percent of premiums on administration. This is referred to as the 85-15 percent ratio.

In the case of United States Life, they were forced to refund 10.8 percent of the 2011 premiums paid to them because they had not met the 85-15 Medical Loss Ratio. Thus, my premium refund.

The Medical Loss Ratio section of ACA has not been mentioned much in the media. Hopefully, we all can look beyond the overheated rhetoric of the election campaign and focus on what the ACA actually does, like keeping insurance companies on their toes with a Medical Loss Ratio.

With more premium monies going to pay claims, there will be fewer claim rejections, and that’s a good thing for all of us.