September 18, 2012

Speakout: Sept. 18, 2012


---- — Alcohol

People who decide on alcohol and drugs have made their decision. It’s alcohol and drugs or your family. You can’t have both. If you have both, then your ruin the family. You decided years ago on your drug addict friends instead of your family.


Children throw temper tantrums for various reasons. They don’t always know how to express themselves. It’s one thing when parents don’t discipline, but if you can’t deal with it, then eat at home. I’ve put up with much worse at restaurants.


Before people blame the Hearst Corporation for the loss of our Channel 5, you better ask Time Warner Cable. They were the one who stopped the talks. By the way, did you get a thank you from Time Warner for staying with them?


If certain people in Vermont don’t want the F-35 jet there, then perhaps the Plattsburgh International Airport could give up a hangar and bring them here.


Nice toy, City Police, but how often do we have a major crime/accident? It’ll collect cobwebs. Wouldn’t the drug money be better spent for the purpose of enforcing drug activity or, better yet, educating our youths so they don’t follow in their footsteps?


San Bernandino filed for Chapter 9. Police sergeant, $358,000 a a year. First-year fireman, $138,000 a year. Their contracts say they can retire at 50 with full pay and full benefits, in a city of 220,000 earning on average $40,000. Unions are the problem.


I walk on Oak Street every day, and there are never kids playing in or near the street. A stop sign can be put anywhere. And the crosswalks are not just for children. I have almost been hit many times trying to cross on Oak.


You people who are dumping your garbage, yard trash and dog feces in the lake, stop! The lake is not a dump. I am sure the DEC would not be happy.


Progressives have been creeping into our lives for a long time. Raise your voice to your child, that’s mental abuse. Raise your hand to your child, that’s physical abuse. Send them to their room, emotional abuse. Your kid gets arrested. You get parental counseling, your child gets a foster home.