November 25, 2013

Speakout: Nov. 25, 2013


Want to save money on gas? Drive 10 to 15 miles out of the City of Plattsburgh. Today, gas in city is $3.63 to $3.65; Cadyville is $3.44 and Dannemora is $3.48. 15 miles can save you 13 cents a gallon.


Why won’t schools communicate with parent? If a staff member takes a student off the bus home, shouldn’t the parents be notified? Shouldn’t they bring them home? Why bring them wherever they say they want to go and make the parents search for them and worry? It doesn’t make sense.


I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving Day. If I’m shopping, someone else is working and not spending a major family holiday with their loved ones. I refuse to shop on Thanksgiving Day, to send a message to big-box retailers that family is more important to me than corporate greed.

Route 3

What happened to the State Route 3 from West Plattsburgh to Cadyville? Has anyone else noticed the ice buildup in spots and the stop-and-go uneven marks?


Seems like police in VT need more training in dealing with mental-health issues. Killing a guy with a shovel having a mental breakdown doesn’t seem necessary. Whatever happened to getting backup, waiting the guy out and talking him down. What about tasers?


If you smoke in the car with your dog in it, what do you think it does to him? This is not good for the dog. Poor thing can’t speak for himself and you smother him in the car with smoke.

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