July 25, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 25, 2013


---- — Coverage criticized

TO THE EDITOR: Where have you gone Alan Ryan, Louella Papin, Louise Ryan, Ron Lancto, Bryan Moore, Jeremiah Papineau, etc.?

Since the late 1920s, the Northern Tier always had a weekly newspaper; now it is nothing more than a free collection of ads and no local news.


Perrys Mills


Motorcycle benefit

TO THE EDITOR: The Plattsburgh Professional Firefighters Local 2421 recently held a motorcycle ride to benefit St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The ride was a success and raised money for a great cause. We would like to thank some places and people that, without, this event would not be possible.

First, Lake City Choppers for the starting point and Geoffrey’s Pub for hosting our after party.

Special thanks to District 3, Morrisonville, Cadyville and Saranac fire departments, as well as the City Police Department, for assisting with traffic control.

Thanks to the Shamrocks and everyone else who participated in a ride for a great cause.


Event organizers


Broadband monopoly

TO THE EDITOR: In today’s Press-Republican, Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor Bassett talks of an “Economic Strategic Plan.”

He mentions “support broadband and cellphone service improvements.” The problem is: the only broadband supplier in the town, and city, has a monopoly, does not have good service and has prices people in this area are rapidly finding themselves unable to afford.

As long as our elected officials, at all levels, do not address the root causes of these problems, they are just going to get worse.

Small “mom and pop’” businesses can take only so much; students can only take so much, and the rapidly growing base of fixed-income seniors can definitely only afford so much. Especially when one considers the major employment in this area is “service related,” therefore, minimum-wage jobs.

Perhaps it is time those same elected officials started doing the job they are paid for and get rid of the “monopoly” enjoyed by the cable company in the above area.




Animals dropped

TO THE EDITOR: If you are the persons leaving small, unprotected animals loose on the Brand Hollow Road in Peru, stop it, stop it.

These animals are being slaughtered by vehicles with unconcerned drivers. This creates a profound sadness for those of us who care. Children do not need to view the damage done.

If you hit an animal. Please have enough feeling for life to move the animal from the road, out of view.

We have many animal species on Brand Hollow; please slow down. Some of the animals will stop your car.