July 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 24, 2013


---- — Labor Day celebration

TO THE EDITOR: The Catholic Community of Holy Name and St. Matthew’s, AuSable Forks announces its annual celebration of Labor Day for Monday, Sept. 2.

A major part of this celebration and an AuSable Valley tradition is the Labor Day parade, with this year’s theme: “Adirondack Luau” (theme optional).

Once again, the parade will line up at 9:30 a.m. on Palmer Street and begin at 10 a.m., moving down Main Street to the reviewing stand near the Holy Name Church, where the parade will conclude.

We are seeking organizations, groups and individuals to march in this year’s parade. If you have a float, antique or classic automobile or other interesting item that you would like to display in the parade, we invite you to contact Norman Hatch, who will be setting the lineup for the parade. You will need to contact him before Aug. 20 so that he can establish the lineup list that is used to announce the participants in the parade from the reviewing stand. Last-minute arrivals without reservations will be placed at the end of the parade.

Please contact Norman Hatch, P.O. Box 31, AuSable Forks, NY 12912, phone: 647-5783.

I pray that you have an enjoyable summer season, and may God continue to bless you and your family with his peace and joy each day.


AuSable Forks


Obama negatives

TO THE EDITOR: Shallow minds aren’t havens for deep thought.

A recent Letters to Editor submission chastised my past writings and exemplified the contrast of varying viewpoints. I wish the article had displayed more intellectual substance to provide provisions for larger debate. Lacking facts or particulars, it was a void narrative or “wishy-washy,” especially for 70-year-old potential “grownups” like me.

Now let’s get to the facts or lack of them; the writer didn’t state one Obama accomplishment. He would be hard pressed to do so; it must be a real challenge to defend a obvious lack of achievements.

My submissions have a distinct advantage; there’s drastically more Obama negatives to emphasize than positives.

We’ve witnessed the detriments caused by Obama’s “liberal” agenda. Why a staggering economy? What’s the national unemployment rate? Why so many on food stamps and welfare? What’s the price of gas now compared to the Bush years? What’s the national debt under Obama? How many more administration scandals can Obama not admit to? Obamacare is falling apart little by little via waivers, implementation extensions and lack of funding. Readers, get the picture?

If the writer wants to “stand firm” on negatives, good luck, but should at least attempt giving substance to his article by addressing the issues, not just me.

Facts are like illusions; they disappear when not presented. What are the Obama achievements? That writer might as well keep them to himself; most informed people know there aren’t any. I almost forgot the “liberal” readers, and it might be to their benefit; they probably believe in nothing.

His submission reference to the “Lord” must be a inference toward Obama; the “liberal” messiah? That constitutes his only given fact, that and his signature.