July 24, 2013

Editorial: Steer clear of river work


Temporary stairs have been installed from that spot up to the road. From there, people can walk on the River Walk along Pine Street to the Kennedy Bridge on Broad Street and re-enter the water.

Police plan to arrest anyone who trespasses in the prohibited zone. And it will be a misdemeanor charge of third-degree criminal trespass.

That order is in place for the rest of the summer. So no matter how tempting it is to seek those cool waters when the temperatures soar, people must avoid this section of the Saranac completely.

They should also use caution on any area water body and be sure they are wearing life preservers — the No. 1 way to prevent drownings.

Too many times, over the years, we have seen the anguish of people who have lost a loved one to drowning. It’s something we hope never to see again.

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