July 18, 2013

Speakout: July 18, 2013


---- — Children

When you bring your children to a beach or playground you should be watching them. You should not rely on other people to watch your children.


It is your right to smoke. However, it is not your right to kill me with your smoking. Public smoking should be banned. The sight of people smoking at the July 4th festivities was disgusting. Do you people not care about others at all?


One international airport terminal and all hangers, 15-plus industrial buildings, a K-12 school, a college, three dorms, two car dealerships, NYSEG operations building, a propane distribution terminal and more, yet the fire department is run by volunteers. They can do it.


To the person complaining about weddings, consider it an honor to be asked to be part of the wedding party. If you can’t afford it, talk to the couple. And bringing a dish is cheaper than catering. Bringing a gift is optional. Granted the wedding party usually receives a gift.


Any dog that is tied up and is crying is crying for a reason and maybe won’t hush up if you tell it to. Is it too hot for him? He’s trying to get someones’ attention. People should love their pets.


Why is Paula Dean being crucified for calling somebody the N word when black people use the same word to describe each other? Or a singer uses it in a song? There is still a double standard in our society. Discriminatory language shouldn’t be used at all.


If only some women would realize that men can have female friends who are there for them just as a female can have male friends just for friendship, nothing more, this would be a better world. No more jealousy, please.


Zip tying your advertising signs to our road signs is illegal. There is a reason our beautiful towns do not have billboards. Please remove your advertising signs.


Seriously, some outfits that people wear to church, shopping, public places should only be worn on the beach, gym or home. Short shorts, strapless tops, skintight stretch pants and cleavage are not appropriate in church. Parents, monitor what your kids are wearing.


Cover up my tattoos at the beach? I don’t think so. If you don’t like them, don’t look.


I witnessed today in a local retail store a woman cough and sneeze 5 times during one transaction. When you are sick, stay home or at least wash your hands.


Regarding your editorial this morning bashing that women who used the N-word 20 years ago, I presume we’ll be reading another editorial shortly bashing Alec Baldwin for his gay-bashing Twitter. Or do liberals get a pass here?


Thank you to the Plattsburgh Elks Lodge for bringing in people from the rain and lightning at the Fourth of July parade. They were kind and welcoming.


Here we go again with the gripes about tips. If you don’t like it when your tips are insufficient for you, then do something to better your life and education so that you don’t have to work jobs for tips.


To person who implied that associate’s degree nurses getting $35 an hour are overpaid, what price do you put on your life? Nurses catch doctors’ and pharmacists’ mistakes. COs and police with no degree and same number of years experience get paid $80,000 to $90,000 a year with lifetime health insurance and generous retirement.


Truck in front of me at red light has huge sign: “Construction vehicle. Do not follow.” I don’t think I have another choice. Perhaps “Do not follow closely” would be more accurate?


We all better get a trunk full of boards and a handful of nails, go to the top of our highest mountain and build a new arc. Anyone have a copy of Noah’s blueprint?


When I return something from the store, I don’t expect to be treated rudely. I have a sales slip and the product. Why would I try to cheat the store? It’s not out of your pocket to refund money.


New York, Los Angeles, Seattle — all the great cities of the world have a Chinatown. But Plattsburgh doesn’t. Imagine the possibilities. We could be the jewel of the north but instead we remain in Montreal’s French shadow.


What we really need in this town is an Olive Garden.


Plattsburgh is home to a beautiful lake, yet who makes the most use of the property nearby? McDonald’s, condemned apartments and Georgia-Pacific. Meanwhile, our citizens are thrust farther and farther from a natural source of energy, recreation and culture.


On Saturday, I watched members of the West Chazy Fire Department close down several roads due to flooding. Can someone explain to me why people in vehicles think it’s OK to move traffic cones and yellow cauton tape blocking both lanes of the flooded roads to drive thru?


Please pray for the families and the children who were involved in the tragic fire where we lost three people. We need to pray for comfort and love from the community where they reside. This is a time where we should support/embrace one another and not play the blame game.