July 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 16, 2013

ESPN criticized

TO THE EDITOR: What happened to the saying, “No rooting from the press box?”

ESPN and the “Boo-Ya Fest” they call Sports Center is promoting Cuban defector/LA Dodger Yasiel Puig for a spot on the National League All-Stars, in hope of appearing “cutting edge" and relevant.

The realities that ESPN has failed to recognize (or is ignoring) are Puig does not belong in the All-Star Game and ESPN is a reporting network, not a media-relations outlet for the Dodgers.

“The Worldwide Leader in Sports” is promoting a one-month wonder for the Mid Summer Classic.

Using Puig’s hot month as a measuring stick for All-Star roster spot, then why isn’t former All-Star Justin Upton on the team? He hit 12 home runs, batted .300, played a Gold Glove outfield and was the toughest out in baseball during April?

Why is Puig’s month more important? Money. It came right before Fox’s four-hour mega self-promotion delivery system: the game. The MLB “commissioner” and Fox have continued to blur the line between real sports and the WWE. Self-indulgent announcers, unbearable commentary, oversaturated interleague play, scripted home-run calls like; “It is high, it is far…” etc. rule sports broadcasting today.

ESPN’s promotion of Puig and Fox’s thirst to boost ratings just keep pushing “America’s Pastime” closer to a staged reality show and further away from the game we grew up watching.

ESPN should keep going “cutting edge” by being the first network to report the next New England Patriots’ felon, or do what they really do best: selling booze. Vodka, Hard Cider and Lite Beer ads all during one 7 a.m. Sports Center broadcast shows me where their priorities are. The “ESPN Family” — what a joke.

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