July 14, 2013

Speakout: July 14, 2013


What is going to have to happen at Bailey Avenue Park before the “authorized vehicles only” rule gets enforced? I have witnessed many startled children and adults using the walking/bike path turn to find vehicles behind them.


Why, as a guest to a wedding shower, am I asked to bring a dish on top of the gift I am buying for both the shower and the wedding? If you are going to have a wedding, make sure you can afford all that comes with it.


To the ignorant person commenting on nurse pay, you obviously are uninformed on anything to do with nursing. There are many different fields and companies with differing demands and expectations. Not every nurse settles for a hospital job; $35 an hour is nothing.


To the person who thinks nurses are paid enough with “just an associate’s degree,” maybe you don’t realize the scope of what nurses are responsible for or how difficult that two-year associate’s degree is to complete.

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