July 13, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 13, 2013


---- — Chateaugay breakfast

TO THE EDITOR: The annual Breakfast at Camp Chateaugay was a huge success, and I would like to express appreciation to all the people who attended. 

It was the largest turnout ever. It was great to watch everyone. They enjoyed visiting with friends almost as much as they enjoyed the full buffet menu.

The Chateaugay Lake Association benefited greatly from breakfast ticket sales and from the generosity of Hal Lyons and Dov Shapiro, owners of Camp Chateaugay. Many people may not be aware that Hal and Dov each year donate all the food served and all the staff to cook and serve it. Thank you, Hal and Dov.

Margaret Empsall, the new lake steward, was on hand to promote her efforts. She will be monitoring boats as they enter and leave the public Department of Conservation boat launch, making sure no invasive species are entering or leaving the lake on boats and propellers.

It is in everyone’s best interest to protect water quality in the Chateaugay Lake. We want to thank boaters for helping with this effort.

Finally, a special thank you to all our local media for promoting Breakfast at Camp Chateaugay. We couldn’t do it without them.



Chateaugay Lake Association


Best cashier

TO THE EDITOR: This is my Motor Vehicle Department experience.

First girl at “Help” desk crossed out stuff she said we didn’t need.

First girl at cashier window practically threw the paperwork back at us and sent us to the back of the line to redo paperwork.

Second girl at cashier window was very pleasant and smiling. She worked through the misinformed paperwork and smiled the whole time, saying she understood. We got our registration at a reasonable time.

Thank you to the best cashier they ever had there. Keep up the good work. It’s appreciated.




Heart for city

TO THE EDITOR: I usually don’t involve myself in politics. I am the kind of person who sits back and watches and listens, but I feel the need to speak out about the Democratic candidate for County Legislature in District 10. 

He is Robert “Bobby” Hall Sr. I have known Bob for more than 40 years. I know the man has a heart for our city and in the past has shown that, serving eight years as a councilmen.

His passion for doing what is right will convey in a simple conversation with him. As a county legislator, he will be a strong voice for our city.