July 14, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: July 14, 2014

CHEERS to the downtown Plattsburgh businesses who painted their windows for the Mayor’s Cup Festival.

This is the kind of unifying action that can raise the status of a community event. It gives downtown a “we’re in it together” feel and a colorful, fun public persona.

In past years, just a handful of business took part. This year, it appears that more downtown establishments got into the spirit for one of the City of Plattsburgh’s biggest events of the year.

A drive through Plattsburgh last Thursday afternoon showed a number of businesses with nautical illustrations painted on their shop windows.

Among those were Champlain National Bank, the Beauty Bar, the Bagel Pit, Arnie’s Restaurant, Community Bank, Warren Tire, Cheechako Taco, the Strand Center for Arts, Smooth Moves, Raymond James Financial Services, Aleka’s Restaurant, the Press-Republican, Campus Corner and Xpress Mart.

Thursday night was the Boat Parade of Lights, the annual kickoff to Mayor’s Cup, but other businesses may have painted their windows by the time the festival floated into full sail on Friday and Saturday.

It’s easy enough. Here at the Press-Republican, the effort cost us about $14 and a hour or so worth of time by two employees.

It would be great, next year, to see just about every downtown business involved. And how about the Clinton County and City of Plattsburgh government offices getting in on the effort?

Most businesses have someone with some artistic talent on staff; if not, maybe some of the employees’ children can help out.

Mayor’s Cup window signs might also be encouraged by a contest — maybe something sponsored by the revitalized Downtown Association.

When the annual festival packs Plattsburgh with visitors, it would be great to see welcoming illustrations adorning all the windows, giving adults and children one more reason to browse around downtown. 

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