July 13, 2014

Speakout: July 13, 2014


I want to thank a man/wife for helping me out with a “bees” issue on June 6 at McDonalds. Someone told me there was a huge bees nest in my tire. Thank you again.



Litter is more than papers, bottles and cans. After each rainstorm, I find my driveway full of cigarette butts. Disgusting. They wash down the ditches and road to their resting place; think about your kids swimming in the river polluted with someone’s spit and nicotine.



White House trades five terrorists for a deserter and doesn’t see anything wrong; how many American lives will be lost to these five? Doesn’t see anything wrong with violating existing law to do it.



I recently attended a National Honor Society ceremony at a local high school. As students were presenting their projects, I was disheartened to see certain parents smirking and making facial expressions mocking the presenters. Every one of the presenters gave of themselves for the sake of the community; shame on you.


A couple of weeks ago, the street cleaning machine appeared in the Center City around 1:30 p.m. With automobiles lining both sides of the streets, the driver couldn’t get near the curbs. This is a waste of fuel, manpower and time. Solution: Turn on the parking-ban lights to get the traffic off the streets and do the cleaning at night.

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