July 8, 2014

Letters to the Editor: July 8, 2014

Fund enhanced

TO THE EDITOR: We would like to thank everyone who helped make our garage sale and raffle a great success for the elevator fund at the Mooers Watson Senior Housing. We appreciate everyone’s help, donations and cooperation.






President rules

TO THE EDITOR: Do the American people realize that a very corrupt administration is “ruling” our country?

No one is held accountable for the “phony scandals” starting with Fast and Furious, the death of four Americans at Benghazi, the NSA spying on us, the IRS targeting Tea Party groups and the VA’s failure to care for our veterans. The president promises to “get to the bottom of this” but says months later these are “phony scandals.”

When I said this president is ruling this country, that is true. He writes executive orders with his pen instead of working with Congress. He uses his agencies -- HHS, IRS, EPA -- to make rules rather than follow our constitutional republic with three equal parts of government.  The president’s favorite scapegoat is the Tea Party or the Republicans in the House. Many people do not know the House has passed many bills that have been killed in the Senate. The president’s “left-hand man,” Harry Reid, has caused the stalemate by refusing to allow debate or vote on these bills. Then the president can say “Congress refuses to act so I will.”

Meanwhile, we could easily put people to work building a fence to secure our southern border. Many unemployed veterans could man that border. Now, we have thousands of children coming to our country, thanks to the president’s pen.

Yet, people pay $32,000 a plate to support the president’s agenda. The people who support the RNC are “rich.” But multimillionaires Tom Steyer and George Soros dictate our energy policy as they cash in on green projects paid for by the taxpayers, and they support the DNC. 

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