July 3, 2014

Letters to the Editor: July 3, 2014

Hospital discount

TO THE EDITOR: As a retiree from CVPH Medical Center, after 40-plus years of service, I, too, am upset with the discontinued discount that was part of the retiree pension package.

It had nothing to do with the change of name to the facility or partnership with Fletcher Allen or “maybe resentment,” as stated.

The appreciation, commitment, loyalty, respect, and/or lack of, by CVPH to its retirees is the issue.

This elimination of the hospital discount was discussed as a means of cutting cost before the partnership existed.


West Chazy

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Heroin addiction

TO THE EDITOR: Let me start by saying there is a big heroin problem in Plattsburgh.

Heroin use has been on the rise all over the United States. 

Clinton County is trying to fix the problem. They are never going to.

They need to start helping the people who are addicted to the drugs. Get them on a maintenance program and treatment.

A lot of addiction is caused by pain and dysfunction. A maintenance program, counseling, meetings and treatment will help lower the demand for the drug.

It will also help them fix their mental state and help them become productive members of society.

Taking away and prosecuting the dealers to max to “show them” it won’t be tolerated isn’t the answer. If you lock up one dealer, there are five to take his place.

You fix one addict, and you end up fixing that addict’s children, who in return should have a much greater chance at not being an addict because you are taken out of the dysfunction and the addiction.

However, Clinton County really does not want to fix the problem as much as they claim.

One of the local Task Force is picking up addicts who are always on heroin, sending them to buy drugs off their dealers to “try to control” the problem.

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