June 30, 2014

Speakout: June 30, 2014

Health care

Why are politicians punishing veterans with inferior government health care? The VA is what you get when government and unions provide health care. Will Obamacare eventually make health care look like the VA?


Teen kills girl after she declines his prom date. 22-year-old kills six because girls would not go out with him. King Joffrey is not dead; he lives in our youth that are given everything as they grow up and can’t deal with girls who say no.


Maybe if you put a leash on your dog, you wouldn’t have to waste 15 minutes calling for him. There is a leash law in Plattsburgh, yet so many careless pet owners make stupid, rash decisions that endanger their dog and other animals.


Obama make up your mind, you said we were leaving Afghanistan and never looking back. Today’s paper says the U.S. will continue to maintain goals in the country.


Maybe our next governor will spend less time debating yogurt in the courtroom and maybe more time on the SAFE Act opposition and the people of New York.


Edward Snowden is not a hero. Online purchases and credit-card use give mass merchandisers more information on you to the box stores than the government will ever have on you from phone records.


When did Memorial Day become Veterans Day 2? I thought Memorial Day was to remember everyone who has died: family, parents, friends, etc. I thought Veterans Day was in November.


Months became very difficult for a family member during his final journey. As failing health increased, Evergreen Valley Nursing provided care, dignity and comfort through the aging/dying process. Your compassion made this resident feel like you truly loved him.


On city beautification, I was just thinking about: lawns with grass 14-16 inches in length hedges occluding sidewalks; overflowing garbage cans, some tipped over with refuse strewn about; properties in disrepair; dogs running about unleashed; burned out and dilapidated buildings. The city has laws on the docket that need to be enforced.

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