June 30, 2014

Cheers and Jeers: June 30, 2014

CHEERS to savvy pedestrians and JEERS to inattentive motorists in this prickly situation: The driver pulls up to an intersection to make a right turn. The pedestrian is approaching the intersection on a sidewalk from the motorist’s right.

Drivers needn’t check on the right if their only concern is traffic, since only vehicles from the left pose a threat.

But, without checking on the right, drivers will never know whether a pedestrian is about to cross in front of their car.

On the other hand, if pedestrians are alert and farsighted, they will cross behind the turning car, instead of in front of it, just to be safe.

We wonder how many car-pedestrian accidents have occurred because the walker crossed in front of the car and the driver never looked right, as should have been done.

The law allowing a right turn on a red light has saved uncounted motorists precious time and aggravation, to be sure. But no one wants to see pedestrians hit due to a driver’s haste to complete the right turn.

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JEERS to medical offices that play loud, pounding music, when many patients are there because they aren’t feeling well.

Anyone with a headache, toothache or other ailment must endure the music while they wait for their appointments.

This is a complaint we have heard from a number of people — and not just older patients, as you might suspect. Even a young person who is not feeling well, stuck in the waiting room, might not appreciate the boom-boom of drums and a wailing guitar.

The same can be said for a waiting-room television turned up too loud or tuned to a channel airing a raucous game show.

A choice of subtle music or television program can project the appropriate peacefulness and professionalism for a medical office waiting area.

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