June 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor: June 25, 2014

Tax burden

TO THE EDITOR:  What’s going to happen to the property and school tax rates of New Yorkers who don’t have veteran tax exemptions?

Are the rest of us going to have to make up for the loss of tax monies with higher school and town taxes?

Schools and municipalities are suffering enough with low funds. Vets get free medical care and other considerations and choose to join the military with all of its obligations and conditions. Just saying.



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Domestic terrorism

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing this letter in reference to what’s called domestic violence terrorism in your own neighborhoods and community.

Domestic terrorism is when you can’t even be outside in your own yard or even go to your mailbox. Domestic terrorism is when you can’t drive or walk safely and peacefully on public roads, trying to do your errands and shopping, being harassed and picked on in the city while running errands.

Domestic terrorism is people harassing and terrorizing your house, revving up car motors, deliberately watching and stalking your home, getting into others’ business, intruding into people’s lives.

There needs to be a law in place to combat and stop domestic terrorism against people. There needs to be attention paid to these evil, cruel behaviors and be passed into law.

Domestic terrorism is just as bad and damaging as bullying is and is a form of bullying and mentally harming their victims. It is bullying and intended to hurt and demean you.

They think you have to defense. Their target is the weak and those whom they think have no advocate and support against what they are doing.

These people are relentless and obsessed with making sure their victim suffers. They have no mercy nor remorse for what they do to you. It’s very painful and depressing to go through, not knowing where to turn for help.

I ask people to write your legislators to get a law introduced against domestic terrorism. This needs to be stopped and cared about.

Please write to Assemblywoman Janet Duprey, LOB 635, Albany, NY 12248.


West Chazy

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