June 23, 2014

Speakout: June 23, 2014


It’s embarrassing that a group of fully grown adults with college degrees and family, act like children when they begin to discuss politics. Something I will never understand.



So, there will be paid and volunteers to clear sidewalks. Will there be tax discount for those of us who do our own?



Upset with Fox News? I understand; you don’t like it when the company line is broached with truth. Only thing this administration is good at is juggling embarrassing disasters to keep the public off guard.



Why weren’t people told about the veterans exit pole when leaving after voting. I knew about it, but the people in charge never mentioned it to other people as they walked out.



People complain when others don’t stand with their hand on their heart for the national anthem. This country was built on Christian principles, and those same people probably don’t go to church. When people fall away from the church, what would you expect from the same people?



Obama is a good president, he has helped people and has lowered the federal debt as promised.



I am so “glad” (sarcasm) that TV covered endless episodes discussing the Vermont Marathon but gave no word on the WWII Honor Flight, with the exception of a post event snippet that had audio issues and no interviews at all.



Aahh, summer in downtown Plattsburgh, where the air is filled with the smell of stale beer, human waste and people who have no idea what soap is for.



Does anyone find it ironic that President Obama is in New York state at the Baseball Hall of Fame to promote tourism, and the Hall of Fame is closed for the day due to his visit?


Health care

Why are politicians punishing veterans with inferior government health care? The VA is what you get when government and unions provide health care. Will Obamacare eventually make health care look like the VA?

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