April 11, 2013

Speakout: April 11, 2013


Please don’t come into my business and, when I’m not looking, leave religious pamphlets on all the tables. Same goes for public transportation, the library and school lobbies. You are being disrespectful.


Animals are not disposable. I stopped by North Country SPCA in Malone last week, dropped off food for the many cats and dogs and tried to pet each of them. My two pets are rescues, too.


This one is for all you people who like to enjoy the morning paper with your coffee. Please remember your carriers who bring you your morning paper early every day. Please don’t forget to tip once in a while.


Someone wants to develop the old base hospital area that is nothing but a dump area right now and our city fathers are complaining it’s too big.


School budget votes are approaching. As you get ready to vote think about who lost jobs (teachers, who work with kids) and who did not lose jobs and even got raises (administrators).


What is wrong with the doctor’s office when a patient shows for a scheduled visit and with chest pain and is told she can’t see the doctor because she didn’t have the full payment for the visit?


I find it absolutely impossible to find a good parking space in Plattsburgh. I work in the city and find myself having to park blocks away from my employer.


A fair rent amount for an efficiency in Plattsburgh is $500; for a one bedroom, $600, for a two bedroom, $700. If you can’t find an apartment in that price range, keep looking. They’re out there.


I’m tired of people with a mental illness being the scapegoat of the gun lobby. People with a mental illness are three to four times more likely to be the victims of violence than the perpetrators.


Teachers are being let go. Retirees not replaced. However, thousands of dollars were spent for matching bookcases and designer desks.

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