April 9, 2013

Speakout: April 9, 2013


---- — Drugs

Drugs, not guns, are killing millions of North Americans. Profits from the distribution of drugs are not limited to only the cartels or pushers but to many of our politicians and law-enforcement people.


Good, tenured teachers are being cut. No money for teachers to get supplies for students, such as paper and pencils. Yet the superintendent asks for a raise.


What happened to the Clinton County Dairy Princess program?


I attended a funeral this week and heard at least four different cell phones ring. Have some common courtesy and turn them off for that hour or turn them to vibrate.


To the customer who called my store ranting at me: You owe me an apology. You have a right to be upset, but I didn’t cause your problem. I just answered the phone.


The current city government cut out Mayor’s Cup to reduce police overtime in a budget crunch. Since they’ve done that, the police budget has gone up almost half again. Can we have Mayor’s Cup back?


The SAFE law was swept into law inappropriately using emergency procedures, which left no time for due consideration of implications and no opportunity for citizen input. This was not representative government.


I came across a beautiful fox in the woods of Lewis, terrified, excruciating pain in his eyes as he struggled to free himself from the jaws of a trap. I’ll never forget how he lay still, looking hopefully at me as I tried in vain to free him.


Just because a woman takes self-defense doesn’t mean she’ll win in a fight. Even the best boxers lose to someone eventually.


The change in handicap accessibility is a disgrace. If changes to the curb cuts in the sidewalk need to be made, then perhaps they should help those with disabilities instead of hinder.


City Police, want to make money? Come to the oval. Most people do not drive the speed limit or stop at the stop signs. Few dogs are leashed or picked up after.


Smokers, you smell bad. If you don’t care, you should. Just because no one has ever told you bluntly “you smell” doesn’t mean you don’t.


Two years is too short to expect students to become competent nurses. Passing a licensing test is one thing; practicing safely and competently after that test is what matters.


So glad to see that Peru School District is planning to deal with its projected budget shortfall by cutting frivolous teacher positions and not by making any cuts to its essential sports program.