April 6, 2013

Speakout: April 6, 2013


---- — Wage

The New York State Legislature has voted to raise the minimum wage. Guess who is going to pay for it? Yes, us the taxpayers. Why do we continue to elect legislators who are so clueless?


If you are a parent and are involved in your teen getting engaged, doesn’t the question “do the other parents know about this?” come to mind. It affects everyone, and they may not be as happy as you about this very serious and important decision.


I do not have a Facebook nor a Twitter. I feel like people don’t need to hear my day-to-day schedule. It’s a very unsafe place to roam. Remember, everyone is watching.


Thankfully, someone is standing up against the tobacco companies. All Bloomberg is proposing is that products be concealed behind the counter. Adults, who are addicts, can still buy them, but kids are no longer marketed to.


If you think you have seen police misconduct, go to and look for how to file a report. Police are here to uphold the law. I am a sick patient who was assaulted and feel nothing is being done about it. United we stand; divided we fall.


Rouses Point has a leash law. I can’t even walk my dogs around the block without your dog running out into the street toward me. Be a responsible dog owner and control your animal.


The person who chastised the generosity of someone who paid for his/her coffee at Dunkin Donuts missed the point completely. It’s not about money. It’s about appreciating what someone does for you out of the kindness of their heart. With $140,000 income, it would be nice to pay for the coffee of the next 10 customers at Dunkin Donuts.


Budget time — hurt the weak and get your way. Let’s take away meals for seniors, school aid, give rebates to people making $300,000 but don’t reduce welfare or wasteful spending.


Wouldn’t it have been nice if the person whose salary was $140,000 and the car ahead of him paid for his coffee, had paid for the person behind him or had left a nice tip to the hard-working crew in Dunkin Donuts?


Drivers, be aware and careful on Park Avenue with all its intersections. I pray every day for the young skateboarders who are taking such great risks on the Park Avenue hill.