July 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor: July 17, 2013

Liberal progressives

TO THE EDITOR: Lately, there has been much whining from our liberal progressive community.

Please don’t confuse our Democratic friends with the liberal progressives; though they do share the same political bed from time to time, there is a major difference. The Dems and we Conservatives have the same goals, just different ways to get there, while the liberal progressives are bent on changing the mores and values that this great country was founded on.

For some reason, if you object to their ideas you are hateful. And they like to get personal, attacking the person more than the message.

Perhaps we need an expert to comment on this. Professor Whitey comes to mind. No, I harbor no hate for anyone. Well, I better correct that. On any given Sunday when Tom Brady and the Patriots are playing the Steelers, it has been known for some expletives to be heard from Peru.

In closing, I must pay tribute to one of our departed, Harold Brohinsky. Though I never agreed with him, he was steadfast in his beliefs. Rest in peace.




Macomb Park

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to thank the staff at Macomb Park for making our family picnic a great experience.

They provided a tent and new tables, and they are installing new grills. The area we were in was very clean and free from debris. The bathrooms were clean and stocked.

We had a lot of seniors in attendance and were very grateful that they could walk without fear of tripping.

Again thanks to the state and the employees for putting money and work into making Macomb Park a destination for all occasions.




Credit Union

TO THE EDITOR: On July 11, Dannemora Federal Credit Union celebrated its 55th anniversary.

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