June 26, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2013


---- — Appreciate support

TO THE EDITOR: As the seasons of spring and summer unveil their natural beauty, it is most appropriate that we, the Mission of Hope, extend a heartfelt word of thanks to the entire North Country for your support.

The signs of new life remind us that you are integral to the success and ongoing service of the Mission of Hope, and we truly appreciate your support.

Amazingly, we are now in the midst of our 15th year of mission service to the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua. We are very conscious of the fact that without the support of our local churches and synagogues, educational institutions, health-care offices and organizations, professional and business personnel, adults and children of all ages, we would not be able to serve the poor in our hemisphere’s second-poorest nation.

The Mission of Hope continues to reach out when possible to those in need locally, regionally and nationally, as well.

It is important for all of us to remember what was recently stated by a spokesperson for Nelson Mandela: “We enhance our own humanity when we serve and make a difference to other people’s lives,” Maharaj said. “It’s easy to serve oneself, one’s own interests, but serving the interests of others, making their lives better, changes the quality of all humanity.”

It is with this belief that the Mission of Hope reaches out to the poorest of the poor in Nicaragua and elsewhere, wherever, whenever we can.

Once again, we thank you on behalf of those who have no “voice,” and we pray that you and your loved ones will continue to receive many blessings.

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And the Board of Trustees


Community response

TO THE EDITOR: Once again the employees at the Malone Post Office would like to thank the entire community for the overwhelming response we had on the Saturday, May 11, food drive.

This is the time of year when area food pantry shelves are down to a minimum and are in need of replenishing. It makes us feel good that we can deliver thousands of food items to people who are really in need.

The community, as always, is generous to the needs of the less fortunate. The Malone Post Office collected 4,225 pounds and the Albany District more than 1,000,000 pounds.

Thanks to Malone Catholic Charities for the food pickup and distribution. We are looking forward to next year.