June 23, 2013

Speakout: June 23, 2013


---- — Sales

How can these stores get caught selling alcohol to underage kids in these ABC stings over and over and keep their liquor license? They should lose their license permanently.


Giving a note of thanks to Eye Care For The Adirondacks staff for doing so much for their co-worker Gail Reyell. You people amaze me.


The only way to create jobs in New York is cut out the red tape and keep the feds and state officials out of it. Permits for this and that. Tax this and that. Let’s not chase businesses and industry away.


If school superintendent is as stressful and difficult as they all say it is, why is it they keep doing it? You want stress? Work a minimum-wage job with two kids to support. I will trade my stress for theirs.


For the second time in as many days, I passed inattentive people walking on the wrong side of the road not 100 feet from where a young girl tragically lost her life recently. Please walk facing oncoming traffic and pay attention.


Is there a way to review the handicap parking permits? I saw two perfectly able teens using one to get good parking recently, and I’ve heard people in the past say they were borrowing a friend’s because their back hurts that day.


God is the answer to all thing. So why doesnt anyone believe in him when he died for us?


Would like to give a thank you to BES Principal Dixon and all the staff and volunteers helping with the Running Club. More than 40 kids signed up to run in the Biggest Loser 5K.


It should be illegal to not baptize your child. What if something happens to them before they get themselves baptized as an adult?


Scandal after scandal; ignorance is deep in the American blood. Keep believing your trusted officials.


So if I sell a 30-round clip under the new NYS Safe Act, it’s illegal. But if Eric Holder sells hundreds of then along with “assault weapons” to Mexico, it’s okay?


It’s graduation time; how many of our seniors will look like honorees, dressed appropriately, and how many will look like losers with flip-flops, worn shorts, T-shirts. Parents, take note; employers do.


It must be a basic prerequisite for citizenship to respect the rule of law. Those who violated the laws cannot be allowed to obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship.


We would hope that at least some of the money for bridges could be used for the “swinging bridge” in Keeseville. It has been unusable for several years.


Congratulations to NACS FFA. What a wonderful banquet and award ceremony you held. Very uplifting and professionally done. Everyone involved in this wonderful program can be proud. Let’s support them this year at the Clinton County Fair.