June 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 22, 2013

Essex award

TO THE EDITOR: I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to read, in the June 2 Press-Republican, that the Town of Essex had received an Adirondack Park Excellence in Design Competition Award for our wastewater system buildings.

I want to order 600 copies of the award so each Essex citizen can be recognized for their 10 years of community participation in the creation of this project, finally federally funded five years ago.

While so many of us worked so hard for so long on this 10-year project, I believe special recognition should be paid to the originating Town Council members: Supervisor Ron Jackson, Suzanne Perley, Steve Sayward, Mark Wrisley, myself and (later) Claire LaPine for having the foresight to fund the critical engineering study, which ensured placement of our wastewater project at the top of New York’s funding priorities.

How would the town have proceeded without such leadership examples as: the Tilly Close and Suzanne Mallet families donating the land upon which the treatment plant and reed beds were to be located; the families in the new Sewer District willingness to provide necessary funding commitments and continuous support; Steve Cunnion for freely granting access and use of his land for facilities placements, which removed a last-minute roadblock; Supervisor Jackson for his eight years of never-ending grant searching and subsequent “round the clock” preparation to meet newly arising, last-minute project requirements; and, of course, the continuous input of full-time and summer Essex citizens, which included the inspired changing of building plans to reflect the present barn and farmhouse design.

I only wish Essex folks would have been notified about the award presentation so a group of us could have attended the award ceremony (I would have bought lunch) when present Supervisor Sharon Boisen accepted the award.


Former Essex councilman




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