June 19, 2013

Speakout: June 19, 2013


---- — Marriage

Who says a woman is required to marry a man to have a child? Why should a woman have to marry at all? Is there some secret rule that in able for a woman to be successful and raise a child, she must have a man?


Does Plattsburgh really need all of the law-enforcement people that we seem to have? Between the state troopers, the City Police, County Sheriff’s Department, Park Police and Border Patrol, we are lucky there is room for anyone else on the streets.


I wanted to take a minute to say what a pleasure I had the other day at Plattsburgh’s airport. I was traveling with my elderly handicapped mother and was assisted so quickly by Officer Hoskins. She was teaching another girl; both were so kind and friendly. Thanks to you both.


If your kid has no respect for his grandma or grandpa, maybe it’s because you don’t and you influenced them. If you love your grandparent, that’s because your parents did a good job at respecting them and showing you to love them.


While doing business at a local store/gas station, I witnessed the owner firing an employee right there in the store. I was taken aback by their lack of professionalism, and you could tell the employee was very embarrassed. Please, employers, do this in private for everyone’s sake.


Recently, my girlfriend and I were at a salon and witnessed 12 people going in to the tanning beds in a matter of an hour and a half. Not one time did that bed get sanitized.


Coaches should have a passion for coaching an entire team of kids. All of the kids on the team learn and work together to make the team whole.  Shame on the coaches that show favoritism.

Bar codes

We need to be aware of bar codes and RFID chips; history has shown evil comes in disguised as a helpful tool.


The grass growing out of the sand piles in the road around the village might be a good indicator that the street sweeping is overdue and needs to be finished. Latest I’ve ever seen it go.


I have been paying to Social Security since I was 16. If giving me a fraction of it a month bothers you, I am willing to accept a one-lump payment plus interest.


Please be mindful when boarding a elevator; let the people on the elevator get off before you barge in. Common sense.


Sometimes when a person cancels an appointment, it’s for a very good reason, and they have no choice. It’s unfair to judge some. I don’t cancel unless it’s necessary.


Thank God there are honest carpenters out there. As for us, we hired a scammer. Enjoy our money. What happened to us will come back on you as life goes on.


If you were speeding, that is a valid reason for the law enforcement to give you a ticket. Do not blame it on anyone but yourself. You were driving and not paying attention to the signs.


Graduation speeches are not a time to be sarcastic, silly or self-indulgent. I was upset by speakers I heard last year. I hope the speakers will be more respectful this year.


Worse phrase progressive liberals ever invented? Raise awareness. Can they just say raise money?


Just want to throw out a big thanks to the idiot who was sitting under the lights at an intersection waiting to turn and texted while she waited. We watched her, then I took a picture as she sped through to miss oncoming traffic.


Those running thrift shops should realize they aren’t a high-end, new-items store and stop charging so much for used items. Lower prices would sell more, leaving more space.


Most doctor appointments are follow-up and routine. If my doctor wants me as a patient, he/she better work me in if I am sick enough to call and need to be seen. Keep the emergency room open for real emergencies.


Last night I attempted to use an updated gift certificare at a local restaurant that had new owners and a new name. The redemption was denied, and I had to “eat” the $30.


Is anyone else tired of the excessively loud motorcycles? I accept your right to have a bike, but it is wrong to wake up the neighborhood at midnight.


At a recent Memorial Day ceremony, I witnessed an appalling number of people who did not remove their hats for the anthem and people who did not stop talking. It was the same when they played Taps. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.


I wish the people near us would pay attention to their dog. This dog cries all the time, and you just leave him in a kennel. Do you enjoy your dog at all? If not, get a home for him.


It’s yearbook time again. I guess you have to have a relative working at the school in order to get a photo of your kid in. The school should make things more even.