June 15, 2013

Speakout: June 15, 2013


---- — Mess

A group of concerned volunteers picks up 2 miles of highway on Thursday to keep our town looking clean and by Tuesday, coffee cups, takeout containers and beer cans replace the other litter.


To the parents worried about tests and homework: They should be difficult and cover all material learned. AIS is good if the student struggles with the material. School doesn’t get easier; this will help them learn what they are struggling with.


Stop signs in the Plattsburgh area that are not necessary? I’ll bet you could count many.


The U.S. will spend around $14 billion in fiscal 2013 for foreign military assistance — that’s money spent on training foreign armies and providing them with weapons.


Justice Department’s seizing of journalists’ phone records, IRS targeting the Tea Party, Benghazi coverup, Fast and Furious guns for Mexico? With 44 months to go in the reign of the Great Mistake, the gods are not done punishing us.


Eric Holder can get away with giving arms to Mexican drug cartels but God forbid if Americans are caught with a 20-round magazine. You’re automatically a criminal.


I’m tired of seeing all these scandals on TV. Most Americans are sadly too naive and only will listen to what they see first on CNN or CBS. All of these cover-ups will soon burst the balloon.


Frustration viewing local TV channels where tops of heads and information at bottom of screen are cut off. Is this a problem originating with the network or local stations?


After hearing that one of his cancer patients had his mountain bike stolen, our physician found one similar to the missing bike online and purchased it for his patient. I think that’s great patient care.


It is interesting that the liberals who vote based on idealistic emotion are calling for common sense in government. The most dangerous person in our country is not the private citizen with an assault rifle but the attorney general, Eric Holder.


Why is the public parking lot on Court Street patrolled by parking enforcement so heavily but people parking on North Catherine Street are allowed to bottleneck traffic daily?


The Rotary Park on the south end of the Old Base and the north end near the walk bridge are for people to enjoy. But if nobody uses it, why are we wasting money on upkeep? Canoe races would be great, to the bay of Naked Turtle.


The new building on SUNY Plattsburgh campus on Draper Street adjacent to historic Hawkins Hall, the iconic image of the campus, is totally incompatible with the architectural design of that classic structure.


When someone tells you the dollar is collapsing, laugh in their face. Six months from now, cry because you didn’t listen to them.


I drive through Malone on my way to work. Is there a reason the State Police barracks does not fly the American and New York flag?