June 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: June 15, 2013

Downtown alive

TO THE EDITOR: Residents of our region have a lot to be proud of. The First Weekend offer us one more opportunity.

First Friday, the following Saturday, the amazing Quartetto Gelato opening of the Strand Theater and the Biggest Loser events all made Plattsburgh more alive than at any other time I’ve seen, except Mayor’s Cup and the Battle of Plattsburgh.

These events were led out by a Press-Republican editorial imploring us to take pride in our downtown and work to make it the place visitors and locals want to come to spend their weekends. The First Weekend volunteers and the participating businesses accepted that challenge.

I am thankful to a number of organizers, including Janine Scherline, Shawna Armstrong, Leigh Mundy and Emily Owens of the Strand Center for the Arts; Tim McCormick, Leigh and Tim Simonette, Jared and Debbie Burns and others from Adirondack Young Professionals; Lowell Wurster of Lucid; Jay Lesage of Hallelujah fame; Matt Hall and his Rota Gallery team; Colleen Lemza from the college; Steve Peters and the Mayor’s Office; and David Coryer, Mike Carpenter, Devi Momot, Neil Fesette and Bob Smith of Vision2Action. Those individuals also worked with others on their teams, and I thank them, too.

And, of course, I thank the museums, displayers, tour operators, musicians and the many merchants that asked to be involved with the first of four First Weekends this summer.

We encourage others to join us for an even bigger and better First Weekend II on July 5 and 6.

The comments on the Press-Republican editorial said it all. We can all come together to make our own community much more vibrant without spending scarce taxpayer money.

In the process, we can generate new business, new tax revenues and a whole lot of new fun for all.

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