October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013


Bob has been a successful businessman for more than 40 years and has learned much in that time to make him the candidate you are looking for.

Bob is a warm, approachable man who will be an asset to our local government.

Please vote on Election Day; every vote counts.




Insightful, thoughtful

TO THE EDITOR: I’m writing to express my support for Colin Read for Clinton County Legislature District 4.

While I’ve known of Colin for several years, I’ve come to work with him through our mutual involvement in Vision2Action.

While I could attempt to re-write his list of degrees and career accomplishments, this would push me over the 300-word ceiling on letters. If you are interested, check him out on LinkedIn; you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more accomplished individual in the North Country, or anywhere, for that matter.

From my dealings with Colin, I’ve found him to be a visionary who is steeped in getting things done. He is open to new ideas and doesn’t shy away from personal involvement. This is most recently evidenced by his instrumental role in the very successful First Weekends movement that is working to positively transform downtown Plattsburgh.

I encourage you to stop by his Champlain Wine Company in downtown Plattsburgh. Yes, Colin owns and operates a store here — just another example of the time and investment Colin takes when he sees an opportunity to both participate in the economy and improve the local offerings.

Chances are you’ll see him working the register or assisting a customer. Wait a moment and engage him in conversation. Like me, I think you’ll find Colin to insightful, thoughtful, well-informed and interested in your point of view.

While I know little of the candidate running against Colin, were I assembling a strong team of intelligent and capable leaders, Colin would be at the top of the list. We in Clinton County will be well-served with Colin Read representing district 4.

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