October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013


I know that you may think that I am a bit biased because he is my father; however, that just means that I know him better than anyone else. I believe that he is genuinely the best candidate for the position.

I hope that on Election Day you will vote for Paul “Crusher” O’Connell for Ward 4 because I know that if I could I would.




Moral, decisive

TO THE EDITOR: I have been a resident of the Peru area for the past 14 years and have personally known Don McBrayer for the past 25 years.

Our relationship has been one of competitor, business partner and landlord. Through it all, the most important aspect of our relationship has been that of friend.

Through the years of competitive business and partnership, I have seen examples of leadership from Don on a daily basis. He is not afraid to make command decisions nor is he afraid to stand by the decision he makes.

He is hard working and has provided for his family over the years. He is supportive not only of his family but of his friends as well.

Don has always been there when I needed a helping hand and he is always volunteering his time to help others, whether it’s for charitable computer work, helping the church or simply helping to snow blow a neighbor’s driveway.

When I see Don, I see a man with high morals, character and values. I see a man who sets the example and a man who is worthy to be a leader.

Don is a man whose first order would be “Follow me,” and I am an individual who would not be afraid to follow.

I fully and wholeheartily support Don McBrayer in his run for politics and truly believe the Peru community would greatly benefit from his leadership.

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