October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013


Many times, when I have an issue and a constituent in need of help, I turn to John Bernardi. John goes above and beyond to help anyone during their time of need.

I am positive that Clinton County will continue to prosper with John Bernardi involved in the decision-making process.

Please vote for John Bernardi on Nov. 5.


Jay town supervisor


Caring, conscientious

TO THE EDITOR: In support of my wife, Tina L. Fenton, I ask you to consider casting your vote for her on Nov. 5.

Tina and I have been married close to 30 years. We raised five wonderful children. Tina needs to be praised not only for fulfilling the responsibilities of being a good mom but for the educational foundation she gave our children by choosing to home school them during their formative years.

She kept them on track with their educational needs and taught them the value of the dollar through activities like shopping together and observing “unit pricing.”

Since Tina has the strengths of accounting and organizing, it’s made sense for her to keep track of our personal finances and my business bookkeeping needs. Despite the ups and downs we all experience, Tina has a way with keeping these things on track.

Tina’s extended her skills beyond our home as she’s served other places. She the bookkeeper for KOA campground in Wilmington, a job she’s enjoyed for sometime now.

And you’ll find her employing her organizational skills as an election official during the elections. This position, combined with the enjoyment of meeting many of the voters there, has given her the desire to pursue the tax-collector position.

As Tina works with others, she makes them feel valued. I’ve observed her carefully listening to the needs of an individual and working to help them out. She is conscientious and caring.

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