October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 30, 2013


Please join me in supporting Peter Ensel for Ward 4 councilor.


West Chazy


Town budget

TO THE EDITOR: I recently attended a well-covered Plattsburgh Town Council work session.

This was to discuss enacting a new local law to overstep the tax-cap law. The council seems to feel they need to raise property taxes 47 percent instead of the mandate of 1.7 percent. There is no typo here.

People were not at all happy with the council.

With the increasing amount of young parents and senior citizens on limited or no income, no increase can be afforded. Services must be reduced or eliminated instead of increasing taxes, especially in these dark fiscal times. They have spent irresponsibly and discounted the true needs of the community, to increase their attractiveness to people not living in this area.

That is understandable, attracting new businesses and people, but not at the expense of the people already here and paying the bills.  And Mr. Bassett, don’t even think of the one area you kept using as an excuse for this problem: the Highway Department.

A lot of information was presented, mostly by people in the audience, as to the actual state of the town finances, as the council appeared to be unsure of the true state of affairs of those town finances. These figures showed there was actually a surplus, instead of the figures the council gave us.

Perhaps the council actually needs to sit down with every department head and get realistic. It is past time dreams can be spent on, when so many of the people paying the bills are having trouble just meeting their necessary life expenses.

What was worse, from information available on the Internet, this town is one of the highest taxed towns in the state.

If this council cannot do the job they were elected (hired) to do, it is time to get them out of office.

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