October 21, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 21, 2013


It’s sad when people steal at yard sales, when folks are trying to make a little money.


In my opinion, if you do not like or want to serve the public do not work in retail.


It is that time of year when we will be reading the same old writers, sending the same old Letters to the Editor, telling us how great the candidates they like will do, if elected. Of course, these candidates are in the same political party of the writer.


Just finished watching news when a reporter was told by a Republican congressman that they are working for the jobs of the American worker. When asked about the shutdown effecting the jobs, the congressman got mad at the reporter. Our government should be ashamed.


I was informed by my employer today that a benefit offered to employees would be taken away starting Jan 1. It is being dropped not by choice but by provisions in Obamacare. I was misled to believe that the new health-care law would benefit all.


City School Board, you were elected to represent the best interest of both the students and the taxpayer. How is saving the district possibly over a million dollars not in their best interest?


If you cannot have your way, you shut down our government. You do not care that we the people put you in office. Well, believe this, we can get you out by not voting for you.


Congrats go out the Essex County DA’s Office and investigators for all the hours you have put in this last year. This helps people in Essex County sleep better at night knowing you are there for them. Great work.

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