October 21, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 21, 2013


---- — Competent, hard-working

TO THE EDITOR: On Nov. 5, I will be voting for the most qualified candidate for Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley.

Above and beyond her qualifications and ability as supervisor and chief financial officer, she possesses other attributes that should also be considered.

Margaret has a great love and knowledge of out town’s history, to which those who have attended her many slide shows at the museum and various churches over the years can attest.

The number of hours she spends volunteering and participating in town events is unmatched. Many of us are thankful to both Margaret and her husband, Harry, for the many days they spent tirelessly helping us in cleaning up after Hurricane Irene.

These actions paint a picture of someone whose heart and soul are focused on her community. Actions speak louder than words, and these actions speak volumes about this woman’s commitment to Elizabethtown.

This commitment came long before her election, is ongoing during her term and will continue long after she is out of public office.

Some former officials drop out of sight after an election, and virtually disappear, never to be seen participating in or volunteering at any town function, but they pop up again when it’s time to run for office. It begs the questions: Is their candidacy prompted by self-interest? Or the public interest and that of our town?

I urge you to vote for a competent, hard-working, hands-on leader for our town. Vote to re-elect Margaret Bartley, Elizabethtown supervisor.




Rowden support

TO THE EDITOR: It has been my privilege to serve as a Clinton County legislator for the past 13 years, and I end my final term this year with much hope for the future.

The Clinton County Legislature is in a unique position of finding common interests among the municipalities in our area. It provides countywide services, administers a sales tax that continues to be strong and administers an airport that is growing beyond expectations.

During my tenure, the legislature has operated with one foot in the present and one in the future. To continue to do so, it must combine vision with practicality and investment in our future with fiscal good sense.

These are the skills that Clinton County legislative candidate Colin Read has. His experience as an economist give him the tools that will be invaluable in making those decisions for our future.

He also practices what he preaches. He and his wife run a local vineyard and wine-tasting room and has championed legislation and regulations at the state and federal level that have brought recognition and jobs to our local wine region.

Colin has championed development of the downtown core in the City of Plattsburgh through his work in founding First Weekends.

His creation of the Vision 2040 public forums and the Vision2Action successor is now knit into our local economic fabric. He recognizes the need to attract young people to our community to help expand the tax base. And he understands the need to think differently to achieve these goals.

Colin Read has the skills, vision and passion to move our county forward. I am confident that he is the right person for this important job.

I urge you to elect Colin Read for Clinton County Legislature, Area 4.


Clinton County Area 4 legislator


Patience, intelligence

TO THE EDITOR: The residents of Plattsburgh’s Ward 4 are fortunate to have Peter Ensel as the independent candidate for the City Council.

I have known Peter for many years, and for most of them he was my supervisor in the Communications Department at SUNY Plattsburgh. To every issue and problem Peter confronted as supervisor, whether departmental or personal, he brought patience, intelligence and a willingness to help.

He always listened carefully, sorted through the concerns, explored the unintended consequences and then worked toward solutions everyone could support. He was both easy and enlightening to work for and with.

Though I do not live Plattsburgh and so am not eligible to vote in the City Council election, I know the people of Ward 4 will be very well served by Peter Ensel.

The ward and the city will benefit from his skills and tireless efforts to solve problems and make things better.




Bernardi leadership

TO THE EDITOR: I would like to share some thoughts on my endorsement of John Bernardi for Clinton County Legislature for Area 6.

In this time of government instability, we need local leaders who can raise us above the bureaucracy and get the job done for the good of our community. John Bernardi is just the person to do so.

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing John both professionally and personally for over 10 years. He has a love for his family and his community that cannot possibly be put into words.

John has worked with nonprofit organizations and the human-services community for the majority of his career. He is a person who can inspire and motivate people to do what is right for the cause or for the community despite party affiliation.

My professional experience with him can attest that he has a unique way of getting people to come together and communicate effectively. He is extremely open minded and has a strong passion for his beliefs.

John has earned the respect of the community through his leadership and vision. He has had extensive experience working with local, state and federal government agencies, which many candidates do not have.

He is the best choice to represent our community to move us forward in these tough economic times.

Please consider voting for John Bernardi for Area 6 Clinton County legislator.




Supporting Calnon

TO THE EDITOR: I thought I’d add my thoughts on the Plattsburgh political race for mayor.

I’ve known Jim Calnon for over 20 years, since our first early years working together at the New York State Labor Department on Margaret Street.

Jim has always been a friendly guy with a very sharp, intuitive mind, and I grew to rely on him to tackle any business problems I might have been wrestling to help someone with.

Jim always had the ability to see the proverbial “forest through the trees” and be able to get to the bottom of the issues in a no-nonsense way.

From my years sitting on the Common Council, I can attest to the fact that the city budget is not an easy thing to understand, but yet it is critical to understand the ins and outs of myriad facts and figures in order to do a good job. The bulk of Jim’s years on council were spent as budget officer, and he always was able to understand the issues.

While other candidates running for mayor may be good people with common sense, it takes more than that to be an effective leader, and there is nobody in the group that understands Plattsburgh’s budgetary or any financial issues as well as Jim.

Jim will prove himself to be an effective, easy-to-work-with mayor, who understands the issues facing your city.

You are fortunate to still have low taxes and a viable city, thanks to efficient, effective leadership and department heads over the past years.

I would urge voters to continue with the very best “known quantity” and vote Calnon as mayor.


Greenville, S.C.