October 17, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 17, 2013


---- — Excellent candidate

TO THE EDITOR: The voters of Ward 4 should feel honored that Paul “Crusher” O’Connell has decided to run for City Council.

Paul and I were born in Plattsburgh and have lived within the city all of our lives. I’ve known him for almost 50 years, and I know he will represent Ward 4 to the best of his ability.

I showed this trust in Paul when I nominated him to run for councilman.

I live in Ward 3, so I cannot vote for him, but I wish I could as I believe he will be an excellent councilor and representative for Ward 4.




Bartley accomplisments

TO THE EDITOR: As Election Day draws near, I am reminded of the many accomplishments Elizabethtown Supervisor Margaret Bartley has made in the past two years.

At the same time, a glimpse of the former administration of Noel Merrihew’s financial management is a reminder that we cannot afford to go backward.

The State Comptroller’s audit of the Town of Elizabethtown, reviewing the period Jan. 1, 2008, to April 30, 2009, during Noel Merrihew’s term, found that:

“Financial operations were deficient because the Supervisor (Merrihew) failed to maintain complete and accurate financial records.

“Formal bank reconciliations were not completed for any bank accounts.

“When we (comptroller) tested cash account balances for December 2008 and March 2009, we found discrepancies between the bank statement and general ledger balances that could not be explained, ranging from approximately $260 to $140,260.

“Four of seven expenditure accounts we (comptroller) reviewed were over-expended during the year.

“The bookkeeper attempted to keep track of town finances, but lacked the training and experience to adequately do so.

“We (comptroller) asked the supervisor (Merrihew) and bookkeeper about these improper practices and found that they did not understand the proper method to account for and control town expenditures.”

And this is only a partial list of “the multiple errors and irregularities we (comptroller) found in the supervisor’s records and reports.”

See the full audit report at

If you judge the candidates on their records, their competency, their ability to maintain complete and accurate accounting records and reports, then you must vote to re-elect Margaret Bartley for Elizabethtown as supervisor on Nov. 5.


Elizabethtown Town Council


New direction

TO THE EDITOR: Elections have consequences, and this Nov. 5, the voters of Plattsburgh’s Ward 4 have an opportunity to elect a person with a new vision.

Paul O’Connell will lead the city in a new direction with his sincere honest approach, receptive to the needs of his constituents. He will respectfully listen to you and focus on your needs, not his own.

I have known Paul for more than 40 years from our American Post 20 playing days to the present. He always remained humble, competent and trustworthy to his friends, co-workers and especially his family.

Paul’s extensive work background as a deputy sheriff, substance-abuse counselor at Clinton Correctional Facility qualifies him for this environment and handling stressful situations.

Paul is well known to the community for his tireless contributions to local youth and his countless hours as a referee, coach and mentor.

When local volunteers were needed for a humanitarian mission in Nicaragua, Paul was willing to give of his time freely. A near tragic situation was averted as Paul’s calm presence saved two local teens from a disastrous drowning incident.

New York State DOCS awarded Paul with the Medal of Merit for his heroic efforts. This award is given to correctional professionals who selflessly come to the aid of others without concern for their own safety.

In closing, I hope you will cast your vote for Paul O’Connell, a person of true integrity and character, whom I hold in high regard.




Perry’s achievements

TO THE EDITOR: I am a tournament angler from out of state who has been fishing Lake Champlain, mostly from Plattsburgh, for more than a decade.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and befriending Rick Perry. Rick told me of a goal he had of one day having a first-class boat ramp with ample parking for all to enjoy.

Through his efforts, the City of Plattsburgh can now boast of having a first-class boat ramp with the capability of hosting world-class fishing events.

Rick’s tireless efforts helped take an area of the city next to the sewage treatment plant and worked with city and state departments and agencies to achieve that goal. Today, myself and hundreds of anglers contribute to the sales-tax revenue and commerce of the Plattsburgh/ Lake Champlain region. Rick has been the face of Plattsburgh to the tournament angler community.

Rick Perry cares about the City of Plattsburgh, its residents and guests. He has given the City of Plattsburgh something to be proud of for years to come.

When I heard Rick was running for public office, I wanted to share my thoughts.

Support Rick Perry.


Meredith, N.H.