October 17, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 17, 2013


---- — Dog

To the person who hit our dog on Route 9 in West Chazy and did not bother to stop and inform someone, thanks a lot. What kind of person are you? This was our child’s dog as well and slept by him every night as his protector.


Congratulations to Mr. Hawksby on a great coaching career. He does a great job in putting together the players he receives into a winning team.


The law is you must cover your household garbage when transporting. Is there a law that you must cover scrap metal when transporting? If paper garbage falls off the truck, it’s unsightly; if scrap metal falls off the truck, it’s extremely dangerous.


Fall is here and the start of school and with that the students are out fundraising. I personally do not care for this activity and wish the schools would stop. 


We would like to thank the kind nurse and teacher from Michigan’s Plus who paid for our family dinner. Your kindness is so appreciated. We were so touched, and we will pass it on.


To the man that was mad at me because I left a cart near a curb at a local store, may you never have back pain that makes every step torture. I put it next to the curb. Getting to the store was torture. I really needed you yelling.


Why are the Plattsburgh University Police stopping cars on South Catherine, Upper Rugar, Lower Broad? Couldn’t their time be more well spent controlling drugs and crime on the campus proper and patrolling on foot.


Those who drop their junk and garbage off in charity donation bins instead of taking to local landfills or other proper disposal sites should be ashamed of themselves, but I guess stupidity has no shame.