October 16, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Oct. 16, 2013

Dissolution vote

TO THE EDITOR: As Oct. 22, the date the fate of the Village of Keeseville will be decided, draws near, I would like to encourage all village residents to vote.

I am also encouraging you to make an informed decision, based on what your property tax assessments are.

The Dissolution Committee Study, while an admirable project, was based on properties assessed at $100,000. I doubt many homes in the Village of Keeseville are assessed at $100,000.

This means that if the village is dissolved, properties assessed less that that will save less than those valued at $100,000, to the point of not saving anything at all or maybe paying more than they are currently paying.

Many variables were considered in the study, including a possible grant to dissolving villages. It is common knowledge that grants are not a guaranteed source of revenue, could dry up at any time and cannot be relied upon for the future.

It would behoove every property owner to be aware of these uncertain variables before voting, since they could easily affect the bottom line of your future tax bills, and possibly not in a favorable way.

Most importantly, please vote noon to 9 p.m. Oct. 22.

Will you save with your vote or will you lose? The choice is yours.

A “no” vote will save the Village of Keeseville and quite possibly be the savings to you.




Dissolution smart

TO THE EDITOR: I am ashamed and appalled by the actions of the Village Board of Trustees of Keeseville.

For decades, dissolution has been brought to the forefront by taxpayers looking for a solution to save money and still keep the identity of a community that they have financially supported.

I feel and and have always felt that dissolution of a layer of government is a smart solution for Keeseville. The current Village Board, with the exception of the mayor, were also supportive of the study and agreed with the plan. What changed them is the monthly check that they will lose.

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