October 16, 2013

In My Opinion: Keeseville dissolution letter challenged

I am Chesterfield town supervisor and was a member of the Dissolution Study Committee that worked on the Village of Keeseville Dissolution Plan before it was presented and “accepted” by the village mayor and trustees.

I write this to correct the remarks the mayor recently made in the Mayor’s Corner letter that he sent out with the water bills at the expense of the village taxpayers. I’ll address each and every one of the mayor’s statements with the true facts, not maybes or fiction.

First, I’m glad the mayor admitted he opposes dissolution. That just shows he has a closed opinion, not an open mind.

As I always stated at the Dissolution Committee meetings or public meetings, I am neutral on dissolution, and, as always, I will answer questions with the truth.

The Dissolution Plan is not flawed as the mayor claimed. The mayor claimed the town employees’ salaries are more than the village employees’ salaries. The mayors’ statement that the towns’ labor rates are higher than the villages is false. The truth is the village employees’ salaries are more than our town employees’ salaries.

Our town has assumed, as I’ve stated in the past, the following services after the village stopped providing these services for their residents: assessing unit, dog-control services, court system and code enforcement/zoning duties — with no extra costs to either the village or town taxpayers.

The mayor spoke about how they “maintain control,” then why does the village so very often send their residents to our Town of Chesterfield Office to receive their services? Fortunately, we can assist them.

Mayor Holderman talked like our town governments are foreign governments, not even in your community, but, truth be told, we are in your community.

Our town officials are elected by all the residents inside the Town of Chesterfield, including the residents in the Village of Keeseville.

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