October 16, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 16, 2013


---- — Nosy

Why are neighbors so nosy? Mind your own business and your own yard.


As a person that likes to visit places to shop or eat in downtown Plattsburgh, I must say how appalled I am at the lack of parking, especially on Margaret Street. There are several parking places along the sidewalk that can’t be accessed because of orange cones blocking access.


Has anyone noticed that the green benches on Smithfield Boulevard near Community Bank are upside down? Who can sit in them? Summer is over, and they have not been fixed. Tourists must get a chuckle as they wait for the light.


A while ago I tried to volunteer at an area animal shelter, and I would have been delighted to do anything to help. I tried to get my family interested in volunteering. We never got a call back.


Here comes Obama care, new EPA carbon emissions regulations, the 30-hour work week, exploding electrical bills. Thank you, liberals. Enjoy your self-created future. You deserve it.


My family regularly visited a local restaurant. There was the sweetest young girl working who always remembered our drinks. It used to be so nice. We went this past week, and our waitress was too busy drinking and texting to bother with us.