October 14, 2013

Speakout: Oct. 14, 2013


How many millions of dollars did it cost to catch 18 illegal border crossers and 1,500 lbs of dope? If it were my budget, I’d cut it too. Do we really need to pay for such little results?


I am very disappointed that senior housing has not fixed their elevator. It has been out of order for a long time now. An elevator is necessary for residents so they can avoid stairs with all the dangers and difficulties they pose.


Why is the sidewalk not taken care on upper Cornelia Street?Hedge and brush are overgrown so you can’t walk on the sidewalk; you have to walk along the side of it.


Out of all the things to speak out about in today’s messed up world, people actually are bickering over parking spots and bad drivers. Really Clinton County? What about Obama trying to bring us into another foreign war?


Keep up the good fight, Mr. Chmura. One can only hope that your efforts will result in the Plattsburgh School Board coming to realize that keeping the teachers and school staff happy is not their only job.


Someone has to enforce the rules about the arch bridge in Keeseville.  I see number of tractor trailers go over it, and nothing is being done to stop this.  They need caution lights up on each side warning them not to cross there. Have the lights on at night.

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