February 27, 2013

Letters to the Editor: Feb. 27, 2013


---- — Right to arms

TO THE EDITOR: In response to Paul Johnston’s Feb. 16 Letter to the Editor, I could not disagree more that the Second Amendment was not intended to arm Americans against their own government.

The amendment was put in to protect the citizens from a tyrannical federal government who they feared would disarm the people in order to disable the citizen’s militia, enabling a politicized standing army or select militia to rule. This was the anti-federalist view.

With a little research, Mr. Johnston would have found decisions that do not support his position. He could read District of Columbia vs Heller 2008, a decision (1)(b) that references the anti-federalist position; and U.S. vs Cruickshank, where the court stated that the Second Amendment has no other effect than to restrict the powers of national government.

The Federalist Papers #46, James Madison said, while arguing for ratification of the Constitution, that if government overstepped its authority, the people have the right to resist and resort to arms.

“No man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain their right to keep and bear arms is a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”— Thomas Jefferson

The Safe Act is tyranny in government passed in the middle of the night, against all rules by King Andrew. The last time the citizens took up arms against the government was in 1946 in Athens, Tenn. They were never prosecuted (

No, law-abiding gun owners are not going to run out and take up arms against the government, but the Second Amendment was put into the Constitution by men far smarter than any politicians of this era for just that purpose.

An armed people are a free people.


Moriah Center


Bowl-athon success

TO THE EDITOR: Recently, the North Country Cancer Fund held its first bowl-athon, and, thanks to all who participated, we were able to raise more than $11,000 for our cause.

We would like to offer a special thank you to the Munson family, who hosted this event, and we look forward to next year and another successful event.

A big thank you to Tom Douglas, Rodney Provost, Dawn Morrow and their committee, who did an excellent job of organizing this event.

It goes without saying that without the participation of the 300 bowlers and their sponsorships, this event would not have been so successful. Fun was had by all, and there were prizes awarded throughout the day.

Congratulations goes to the team from the Ground Round, who raised the most money for this event.

It is the ongoing mission of the North Country Cancer Fund to raise money and supply financial assistance to families of Clinton, Franklin, and Essex counties who have a family member touched by this dreaded disease.

In the past five years, we have given out more than $100,000 to over 150 families in Clinton, Essex and Franklin counties. Please check out our website ( to view our sponsor page, upcoming events page. If you are a family in need, the application for assistance is located in the Application and Forms Page.

Our next fundraiser will be held at the Texas Roadhouse on March 4. They will graciously donate 10 percent of all the food bills for that night to our fund. So mark the date on your calendar, and we will see you there.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to assist these families.



North Country Cancer Fund